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  • This is a sneak preview to the Process Simulator Basics course. These are the same videos that are included at the start of the course, but available (for a limited time) to Users and Guest Users of the ProModel University site. If you'd like to see the whole course, please contact us to purchase the complete online training course.

    Guest access: Sneak Preview of the Process Simulator Basics CourseSelf enrollment: Sneak Preview of the Process Simulator Basics Course
  • Everything you need to know to get started with Process Simulator. This course teaches how to use Process Simulator, our Visio based simulation tool. Students use Process Simulator to build simulation models, define and run multiple scenarios to determine the best process design, and analyze process performance by viewing summary statistics, bar charts, histograms, and time-series graphs of key process performance indicators. This is our standard eight hour course, available for $599 from the ProModel Online Store. Also available through your ProModel sales rep.

    Self enrollment: Process Simulator Basics
  • Advanced Process Simulator Training Topics. Includes concepts such as Data Graphics, Macros, Subroutines, External Arrival files, and many more logic statements and functions. The Process Simulator Basics course is a prerequisite for this class. We cover three major areas: Elements and Techniques (Modules 1-5), Output and External Connections (Modules 6-8), and Model-Building Strategies (Module 9). This course is currently available for $599 from the ProModel Online Store.

    Self enrollment: Process Simulator Advanced Training
  • Simulation and Lean Methodologies. This course explains basic Lean concepts and demonstrates using Process Simulator to enhance your Lean Process Improvement initiatives.
    Self enrollment: Enhancing Lean with ProModel Simulation Solutions
  • A FREE tutorial that covers some of the basic ProModel model building concepts. Guest Login allowed!
    Guest access: Getting Started With ProModelSelf enrollment: Getting Started With ProModel
  • This material includes a self-running recorded introduction to Enterprise Portfolio Simulation with EPS. Also includes a PDF with explanations and exercises to try in the EPS application. You will be assigned an "EPS Session" in which to learn and experiment.

    Guest access: EPS MBA CurriculumSelf enrollment: EPS MBA Curriculum